Kubera's Hand

Weapon in the shape of the god Kubera's hand.

— In-game description

The Kubera's Hand is a melee weapon that Max can get in Dark cloud 2. It'll come with the "Steal" ability : when you attack with this weapon, there's a chance that you steal a object from a enemy, if it happens, a small bag with a "?" will be released from the enemy, and then the stolen object will be yours.

You can find it in dungeon's chests, but you can also buy it at Palm Brinks' weapon shop for 500 Gildas when you get to the Chapter 3.

Max will use this weapon like a normal wrench: it has the normal 5-hit combo. It's a low-tier weapon (Tier 3) so it'll gain 3 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up. It has a WHP of 50.

Build upEdit

Minimum requirements for build up
Weapon Kubera's Hand (Start) to Big Bucks Hammer
Attack 22 40
Smash 0 41
Exorcism 0 41
Beast 0 41
Scale 0 41


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 22 45 Durable 22 44
Flame 0 46 Chill 0 45
Lightning 10 45 Cyclone 0 46
Smash 0 45 Exorcism 0 45
Beast 0 45 Scale 0 45

Synthesis Points : 1

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