King Prickly

The King Prickly is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Wise Owl Forest. It looks like a pine cone with large eyes and spikes all over. The King Prickly has no variations, making it a unique one-time experience.

For quotes, see Steve's Quotes.

Battle TacticsEdit

The King Prickly cannot be seen from far away, it attaches itself to the forest canopy from above, and is only visible by its shadow on the ground. It will detach itself when you draw near, and will whirl around to attack you. Take caution when approaching it, lock on to it as soon as possible, and attack it when it gets close to you. If you have a ranged weapon, step back as soon as it drops down and attack it.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud King Prickly
Habitat Wise Owl Forest
Type Plant
Hit Points 63
Defend No
Weakness None
Steal Prickly
Monsters in Dark Cloud

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