Julia (Juria)
Julia is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2, and wife to the artist Parn.

Her in-game description reads : "Parn's beautiful wife."

Originally she was a woman in a painting of Parn's ideal woman, but she was still just a painting. But if Max can bring him some Gold Paint, he may be able to make his dream a reality. Gold Paint can be found at the Golden Egg in Jurak Mall or purchased there for 1000 Gilda. Both characters will then join.


She has no actual history due to having recently been born, and therefore has no experiences to build a personality off of. Or maybe a lack of personality is what Parn wanted?


Julia is a young, blond woman with soft features.


  • Bewitches (charms enemies within a certain range)
  • Will sell you armbands


  • Skill Points : 48
  • Confuse : Uses 21 Skill Points. When this skill is used in a Dungeon with enemies around you, all the enemies will fall and get up in a confuse state, like they were hit by a crate or rock. Useful when outnumbered by enemies.

Julia's RingwareEdit

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