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Jack is a minor character in Dark Cloud, who owns a store in Queens, a town in Dark Cloud. He is shown to be rude, angry, and talented at throwing verbal barbs. However, he holds a soft spot for Suzy and it may be hinted that he holds affections for her. He, like most people Queens, is deathly afraid of Ruby, to the point where he will drop his stingy ways and turn them into timid ones on a whim of hers, as he does in the game, giving a Platinum Ring and Big Bucks Hammer to Ruby and Toan when Ruby knocks some sense into him.

Jack's Store SuppliesEdit

  • Kitchen Knife - 400
  • Gladius - 500
  • Bone Slingshot - 400
  • Big Bucks Hammer - 1000
  • Platinum Ring - 600
  • Repair Powder - 20
  • Auto Repair Powder - 200
  • Stand In Powder - 50
  • Revival Powder - 100
  • Escape Powder - 20
  • Dran's Feather - 50
  • Gold Bullion - 1000

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