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The Item Trade Quest is a quest in Dark Cloud whereby Toan can trade various items across the world to gain the Sun weapon attachment.

Norune VillageEdit

  • If Toan visits Claude in the morning, he'll give him Candy, the first item. This is missable if Toan doesn't visit him in the morning; he'll be asleep during the day and hand over Cheese at night.

Matataki VillageEdit

  • If Toan missed the Candy from Claude, he can also obtain one from Couscous. If Toan refuses, he'll hand over a Fire or Ice weapon attachment, and if that is refused he'll hand over the Turtle Shell. If the candy is missed from Couscous too, the Sun weapon attachment is lost forever.
  • The next item is also found in Matataki. Toan must give the candy to Bunbuku, who ate Kululu's candy. In return he'll give up the Ointment Leaf, which can be made into a cure all medicine, akin to Lao Chao's Miracle Dish.


  • The Ointment Leaf can be exchanged for the Foundation, a powder that can make women (or men) beautiful. Basker will trade the items involved, but he is only open during the day.

Muska LackaEdit

  • The Foundation must next be given to Jibubu, who will trade it for a Clay Doll, the last key item. This can only be done when Jibubu is in his house, not outside.

Yellow DropsEdit

  • Finally, Marnia will trade the Clay Doll for the unique Sun weapon attachment. It grants +10 to Attack, +10 to all elemental stats, and +3 to all anti-monster stats.

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