An idea is a photograph that can be used for inventing, a scoop is a much rarer and special version of an idea, they are important elements for the photography mechanic in Dark Cloud 2. Every idea or scoop you find in the future or at Moonflower Palace is missable since you won't be accessing those areas in chapter 8. Hopefully you might have a saved file in chapter 7 and you can use the album feature.

Chapter 1Edit

Photo Location
Baron's Hangin' On When Vanguard does a Slam Attack.
Brave Little Linda When Linda raises her forelegs. (missable)
Clown Robo's Attack When Halloween shoots a missile from his eyes. (missable)
Night Stalker During its spin attack.
Ruler of the Pond Can be seen over the water near the boat at the lake in Palm Brinks.
Auto Book Reader In Cedric's Shop
Bar Sign In front of the bar
Barrel Cedric's shop
Belt On the Sheriff
Bench Near the lake
Binoculars In Cedric's Shop
Blackstone One In the Station. (missable)
Book Morton's Sundries
Bottle In the bar on the car
Bread In the bakery
Café Sign Outside the Cafe near the Bar
Milk Can Polly's Bakery
Candle In the church in Palm Brinks
Car In the Bar
Cart In Cedric's Shop
Cedric's Shop Sign Outside Cedric's Shop
Chair In the item shop behind register
Chandelier In Morton's Sundries
Chimney On any house outside
Clock Cedric's Shop
Constructor In Cedric's Shop
Cup Train Station at one of the shops
Drawbridge Near the river
Evening Sun In the sky
Fan Cedric's shop
Flag Outside during any of the fishing events.
Flower Polly's Bakery
Flower Chair Train Station
Fountain Outside near the bar
Freight Train Train Station
Gold Store Milain's Weapons Shop
Glasses Case In Mayor's Office next to a phonograph
Iron Bridge Exit of the Underground
Iron Maiden Milain's Weapons Shop
Ladder in the bar right above the car
Lamp Milain's Weapons Shop
Letter Servant's Quarters
Light Milain's Weapons Shop
Mailbox Outside
Manhole In the alley next to Cedric's place. (It leads down to the Underground Water Channel.)
Milk Can Next to the door to Polly's Bakery.
Morning Sun In the sky during the morning.
Morton's Sundries Sign Outside Morton's Sundries
Old-Style Robot In Cedric's Shop next to the door.
Oven in Polly Bakery
Painting Morton Sundries
Parasol Umbrellas over tables near the drawbridge
Phone Max's house, in the Servant's Quarters
Phonograph Morton's Sundries
Piano Bar or Max's house.
Pipe On top of Cedric's shop
Police Sign Above the Police station
Polly's Bakery Sign Next to the bakery
Post Outside infront of Cedric's place.
Pot In the station, one of the shops.
Pumpkin Outside Morton's Sundries
Railroad In the Station
Rapper Cedric's shop
Refrigerator Morton's Sundries, it has a watermelon in it.
Register In any shop
River Under the drawbridge.
Rug Church
Saw Dell's Clinic
Shield Milain's Weapons Shop
Show Window Milain's Weapons shop
Shrubbery Police station
Sign Next to the train station
Staircase In the train station
Stand Mayor's desk
Streetlight Outside on street corners
Sunshade Above Polly's Bakery door.
Table Cedric's shop
The Moon In the sky
The Sun In the sky
Tiny Hammer Cedric's shop (It's actually a big hammer with a saw on the handle.)
Traffic Light Above the drawbridge
Trashcan Outside near alleys.
Tree Near the river
Vacuum Cedric's shop
Vacuum Bag Cedric's shop (Trash can looking things.)
Vegetable/Fruit Morton's Sundries
Vending Machine Morton's Sundries
Waterfall End of the Underground Water Channel
Weapon Milain's Weapons Shop
Weapon Shop Sign Outside Milain's Weapons Shop
Weight Gauge Cedric's Shop
Wheat Flour Morton Sundries
Wheel In the Bar on the wall.
Window Police Station
Wooden Box Cedric's Shop

Chapter 2Edit

Photo Location
Dangerous Pumpkin When the Pumpkin Head swings its weapon.
Find the Golden Egg! The Golden Eggs in the Jurak Mall.
Floatin' Earth Digger When a Mole jump-attacks.
Gyumo's Yell When a Gyumo yells.
Hmmmm! Jurak Picture of Jurak.
King Mardan Picture of the King Mardan. (missable)
Lafrescia Stem Picture of the Full-Grown Lafrescia Flower.
Master Utan Master Utan in the Fish Monster Swamp.
R. Butterfly United Hit the butterflies out of order and take a picture of them reassembling. (missable)
Spooky Grass Smile Take a shot when a Man-Eating Grass "smiles".
Tore's Nap Take the picture just before you aggravate the Tore.
Coal You'll find this one in the train engine too.
Fire House This is the place where you put coal in the train engine. (missable when you get Ixion)
Fruit The yellow fruit on the Georama "Fruit Tree."
Grass The grass patches in Sindain when you first get there.
Hammock Inside the Firbbits house, in the back.
Jurak Arms Sign The Weapon sign in Jurak Mall in the future.
Jurak's Eye The Georama tree "Eye Tree (1 or 2.)"
Jurak's Nose The Georama tree "Nose Tree."
Log The logs that are in Sindain when you first get there.
Mushroom The glowing mushrooms around Jurak in the future.
Mushroom Burgers Sign The Sign around Juraks forehead where the food shop is.
Pot Torch A Georama part.
Quartz Above Jurak Arms Sign
Water Wheel The Georama item "Water Wheel," you need to take a picture of the wheel outside.
Withered Jurak The big dead tree in the back of Sindain. (In the body of water.)
Wooden Bookshelf Inside the Wooden houses.
Woody Tailor Sign The shop sign in Jurak's nose.

Chapter 3Edit

Photo Location
Burning Dragon Fire Take a picture of the fireball Dragons snort at you.
Changing Dog Statue Take a picture of it just as it changes to a dog.
Charging Ram A picture of a Ram charging towards you.
Face behind the Devil Mask You have to wait untill he does the bite attack, then you take the picture.
Flying Battleship Hovering next to the Lighthouse during the fight. If you miss this by the Lighthouse, you can get it later. Just take a picture of the battle ship at the beginning of the fight with Jamming. (missable)
Hurray for Rock Man! As a Golem raises his arms to smash you.
Moon Crystal Photo of the Moon Crystal in Starlight Canyon.
Nice Massage When a Priest of Rama heals himself (rubs his back).
Phantom Memo Eater Picture of the boss. (missable)
Spinning Ivanoff When one is spinning towards you.
Basket Steamer A part of the Georama item " Chinese Stand."
Chinese Lantern A part of the Georama item " Chinese Stand."
Crescent-Shaped Light One of the lights inside of "Star Items."
Electric Bulletin The big teal colored bulletin at the back of the fishing events.
Fishing Contest Sign A sign above the fishing event(s) tent.
Fresco Painting A painting inside of the Georama item "Church."
Giant Yorda Tree The big tree in Yorda Valley.
Glowing Gate The gate with light bulbs on it at the Fishing events.
Hand-Sewn Silk Flag The flags hanging at Lao Chao's.
Hat The big hat on the wall, at Star Weapons.
Holy Emblem The emblem at the Georama item "Church."
Horn The Horns on the wall of Star Weapons.
Lao Chao's Trademark The pink emblem behind Lao Chao.
Laundry The Georama item "Laundry."
Lin's House The House you meet Lin inside of.
Peeping Pole There is a display case inside of "Star Items." To the left of the Cashier you can take a picture of what looks like a telescope.
Pork Dumpling One of the Dumplings inside of Lao Chao's place. You can also find a few dumplings at the Georama item "Chinese Stand."
Rotating Sign The rotating sign atop of the Georama item "Chinese Stand."
Runaway Dragon One of the large dragons hanging from the ceiling at Lao Chao's Bistro.
Saint's Writings The Book at the back of the Georama item "Church." (The Bible behind the priest.)
Scale The Scale at the Fishing event.
Scroll One of the scrolls hanging from the ceiling at Lao Chao's Bistro.
Special Peking Duck The cooked duck on the counter at Lao Chao's Bistro.
Star Lamp The Georama item "Star Lamp."
Starglass The big pink gem at the back of "Star Items."
Torch One of the many torches around Starlight Temple.
Victory Stand The stand at the back of the Fishing events.
Warehouse The Georama item "Warehouse."
Well The Georama item "Well."

Chapter 4Edit

Photo Location
A Surviving Soldier Go all the way into a cave to the left and he's behind the boulder.
Ancient Mural The Mural on the wall in the boss room.
Doctor Jamming Dr. Jamming on the Hovercraft. (missable)
Flying Battleship Hovering over the sea in the background. (missable)
Puppet Shingala Take a picture of Shingala's Head when he lowers it. (missable)
Symbol of Luna Lab The giant sign on top of the central lab.
Veniccio's Evening Sun Take a picture as the sun sets.
Air Cleaner Giant columns in the corners of the outer labs.
Banana Inside any Iron House.
Egg Chair Work-Chairs at Luna Lab.
Egg-Shaped Transmitter The Egg-Shaped devices inside of the Iron houses.
Energy Pipe Glowing pipes in outer labs.
Fish Race Sign Outside Fishing Contest tent in Palm Brinks.
Futuron 800 Glowing Columns with pipes.
Iron Shed Georama that goes on top of a house.
Light of Luna Stone The Luna Lights in Veniccio.
Luna Stone Shards Take a picture of the ocean in Veniccio, not Luna Labs.
Neo-Projector A machine on the ceiling of the main lab.
Opposed Island Inside Fishing Contest tent.
Red House The Red houses on the cliff.
Search Light Below the walkway to the Luna Labs.
Small Generator Inside Iron Houses.
System 5WP2 Yellow Circles with smaller Purple circles around it in main lab.
T.V. Inside an Iron Houses.
Ventilation Ceiling of Iron Houses.
Water Tank Inside Finny Frenzy.
Weather Vane Balance Valley Georama element.
Windmill The Windmill's on the cliff on the Red Houses.
Windmill Feather The Georama Windmill Feather.
Work Arm Attached to Futuron 800.
Work Equipment Around the Work Robot in outer labs.
Work Robot White platform in centre of outer labs.

Chapter 5Edit

Photo Location
Bomber Head Boom! Almost kill a Bomber Head and take a picture as it explodes.
Faintin' Bone Lord Throw a rock at a Bone Lord and take a picture of it.
Fallen Battleship On Mount Gundor Summit, the fallen ship in the background.
Fire Squall The big machine on Mount Gundor's Peak spewing fire. (missable)
Hot Springs Spirit Between Midnight and 4 AM, go down the entrance to the right you should see a rock with a sharp point almost at the end of the hot spring once you face it take a picture you should see a quick flash of the spirit alittle to the left of the rock
Lava Road After using the Fire Horn to part the lava, take a picture of it.
Paznos The enormous mobile fortress in the center of the Gundorada Workshop.
The Ultimate Gaspard Snap his demonic form on Mt. Gundor Summit. (missable)
Cinders (missable) Place a wooden structure in Heim Rada, and come back in a minute or two. The structure will be burned down - snap a picture of that. (Once the Fire Squall gets destroyed, you are not able to get this picture.)
Computer In the Operation room, one of the many computer with blue-ish screens.
Decorative Lights The purple lights in "G-Tools."
Display Robo The big robot in "G-Parts."
Drum Can The big red drum cans in "G-Parts."
Electric Sesame The pink top looking objects in "G-Parts."
Elevator The Elevators around Gundarada.
Generator The Georama item called "Generator."
Geyser (missable) The geysers all around Heim Rada.
Hammer The large hammer behind the counter at "G-Weapons."
Hot Springs Pond The hot springs at the back Heim Rada.
Large Crane The Georama item called "Large Crane."
Mount Gundor When you're in Heim Rada, turn around and take the picture of Mount Gundor.
Mud The Georama item called "Hardened mud pile."
Patterned Rug The rug on the floor of 'G-Tools."
Paznos Pattern The patter on the front of the Paznos Bridge.
Power Arm One of the large arms around Gundarada.
Propeller One of the large propellers in the Operations Room.
Sulfur-Colored Juice The little yellow jug on the floor of "G-Tools."
Transmission Device The little pads that you use to teleport around Gundarada.
Work Crane The Georama item "Work Crane."

Chapter 6Edit

Photo Location
Earth Gem Altar The Earth gem alter is in Balance Valley at the end of the star path.
Fire Gem Altar The Fire gem alter is in Mount Gundor at the end of the star path.
Gigantor Paznos When you go to Kazarov Stonehenge there is a large robot behind the Ixion that you take a picture of.
Griffon's Real Face When confronting Sirus for the first time in the foyer. (missable)
Ixion The new train that you get at Luna Labs
Kazarov Stonehenge Take a picture of Kazarov Stonehenge.
Moon Flower Palace Take a picture of the Moon Flower Palace front doors.
Water Gem Altar The Water gem alter is in Ocean Roar Cave at the end of the star path.
Wind Gem Altar The Wind gem alter is in Rainbow Butterfly Wood at the end of the star path.
Dead Tree The dead trees in the courtyard must be caught before entering the Moonflower Palace for the first time, after you do, they disappear for some reason when rebuilding the courtyard. (missable)
Earth Altar The Earth alter is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Fire Altar The Fire alter is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Gold Gate The gate before entering the courtyard of Moonflower Palace.
Hooked Nose large beak-like objects over Palace entrance.
Pinky The pink objects near the doors between cars on Ixion.
Water Altar The Water alter is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Wind Altar The Wind alter is in Kazarov Stonehenge.

Chapter 7Edit

Photo Location
Flower of the Sun The flower in Alexandra's room (Take a picture before you pick up the flower. MISSABLE )
Legend of the Moon Take a picture of the falling Red moon when fighting the Dark Element.
Sun Chamber Gate Keeper The gargoyle looking statue in front of the room where you battle Griffon.
Alexandra's Bed The bed in her room...
Blue Lantern The blue crystals in the Garden room
Camellia Tree The Georama item called "Camellia Tree."
Flower Bathed in Light The flower in the Garden room.
Flower Bed The Georama item called "Flower Bed."
Flower Chandelier
Golden Door (missable) The Golden Door is just after the Labyrinth Door, it is the door you must enter Griffon's real name into to enter.
Hooked Nose The hooked shape on the top of the Palace.
Labyrinth Door (missable) The Labyrinth Door is the flower door you enter the final floor from, just turn around and you'll see it.
Lotus Flower The pink flowers floating in the water of the Garden room.
Moon Column The Georama item called "Moon Column."
Relaxation Fountain The Georama item called "Fountain."
Road to Golbad The Georama item called "Road to Golbad."
Silver Bench The Georama item called "Silver Bench."
Stardust Pond The Georama item called "Stardust Pond."
Starlight Stairway The Georama item called "Palace Stairs."
Starlight Tunnel The tunnel under the Georama item called "Palace Stairs," there has to be water flowing under it.
Sun Chair The chairs in the Garden.
Sun Table The table in the Garden.
Waterfall Curtain This is found in the Garden room.

Chapter 8Edit

Photo Location
Flotsam Revived! Take a picture of Metal Flotsam during the fight.
Mr. Big Shot's Shadow Take a picture of the real Dark Genie when fighting him.
Zelmite Found! A picture of the Zelmite.