The Hornhead is a unique monster that appears in both Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. It is found in the ice zone of the Demon Shaft in Dark Cloud, and in Ocean's Roar Cave in Dark Cloud 2. The Hornhead is basically a Skeleton Soldier, with a more threatening appearance, and different set of attacks.

The Hornhead has no direct variations or palette swaps, making it a unique one-time experience. Considering the presence of Silver Gear and Platinum Gear in later stages, it could be a variant of that monster type, only the abilities of the monster were changed halfway through the game's creation.

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Battle TacticsEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud, the Hornhead is a dangerous foe. It has two attacks, it will bring down its flail with force on the player, or attempt to stab with its shield. Both attacks break defense, and deal considerable damage. However, Hornheads are slow, and have no ranged attack, allowing for an easy win if the player has powerful ranged weapons. As it is an undead monster, a high exorcism stat and Holy Water is helpful for its defeat.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud Hornhead
Habitat Demon Shaft
Ice Zone
Type Undead
Hit Points 2500
ABS 20
Defend Yes
Weakness Holy
Drops Carrot
Steal None

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Dark Cloud 2 Hornhead
Habitat Ocean's Roar Cave
Type Undead
Hit Points 345
Attack/Defense 45/34
ABS/Gilda 68/33
Weakness Flame (150%)
Exorcism (300%)
Effective Weapons Wrench (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%)
Beam (70%)
Grenade (70%)
Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Poison Apple
Flame Crystal
Unknown Bone
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