The Hornet is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Wise Owl Forest. It has another variation, the Phantom, encountered in the Sun and Moon Temple.

For quotes, see Steve's Quotes.

Battle TacticsEdit

The Hornet is a flying insect that attacks with its fangs and stinger, which can poison you. This monster is very similar to the Cave Bat, since both are airborne and have the ability to poison you. The same tactics apply to the Hornet as the Cave Bat, simply pick him off with a ranged weapon.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud Hornet Phantom
Habitat Wise Owl Forest Sun and Moon Temple
Type Sky Sky
Hit Points 60 150
ABS 3 4
Defend No No
Weakness None None
Steal Antidote Drink Antidote Drink

Variation GalleryEdit

Monsters in Dark Cloud

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