Holy Daedalus Blade

The Holy Daedalus Blade is a sword that Monica Raybrandt can obtain in Dark Chronicle. It is the sword that Monica's father, King Raybrandt left to Galen. Then Galen gives this sword to Monica so she can fight alongside her father.

Its in-game description reads "The sword Monica's father, King Raybrandt, left her."

This sword is only obtainable when the Gundorada Workshop is entirely restored at 100%.

Like the Royal Sword, this sword has the 4-hit combo but it cannot be built up from any weapon.

As a medium-tier weapon (Tier 5) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points per level-up.


Stats and Build-Up Requirements
Att Dur Flm Chl Ltn Cyc Smh Exo Bst Scl
Min. 56 42 50 0 0 0 0 50 0 0
Build Up: Ruler's Sword 80 90 90
Build Up: Sun Sword 81 90 77 77
Build Up: 7 Branch Sword 80 45 45 45 45 45
Max. 112 72 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 110
Monica's melee weapons in Dark Cloud 2

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