Heaven's Cloud
Heaven's Cloud is one of Toan's sword that existed in the first Dark Cloud, and it was not carried over into Dark Cloud 2. It is built up from either Tsukikage or Choora and builds up into the Dark Cloud. The description says: "Belongs to Katanas. Has the strongest potential.".

The Heaven's Cloud is the same sword as the Ama no Murakumo (literal translation: The Gathering Clouds of Heaven) from Dark Cloud 2.

Minimum StatsEdit

Heaven's Cloud
Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 65 Fire 0 Dragon 30 Beast 30
Endurance 50 Ice 30 Undead 0 Sky 0
Speed 80 Thunder 38 Marine 0 Metal 35
Magic 40 Wind 38 Rock 0 Mimic 0
Holy 12 Plant 0 Mage 0

Toan's weapons in Dark Cloud

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