The Happy Clown is a delightful clown that lives in large treasure chests. When you open a treasure chest there is a chance that Happy Clown will jump out and offer you two gifts. You do not know what is inside until you pick, but Happy Clown's boxes usually contain a valuble item such as a weapon or gem and a cheaper item such as a bomb or antidote amulet. In Dark Cloud he appears in weapon chests offering a large and a small present for you. In Dark Cloud 2 he appears in regular chests (as there are no weapon chests in Dark Cloud 2) and offer you a red and a yellow present.
(Scan) Happy Clown (Dark Chronicle & Dark Cloud 2)

Happy Clown. As seen in Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2.

Happy Clown Dark Cloud 2 Japanese

The Happy Clown remains unchanged from the first game in the Japanese version of Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2).

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