Hammers refer to a class of weapons in the Dark Cloud series. They are wielded by Goro in Dark Cloud, and Maximillian in Dark Cloud 2. Hammers are a close-range class, capable of being charged.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, Goro attacks with a single jump-smash when the X Button is pressed. When charged, he will spin around thrice, dealing three points of damage on the way up, one when he smashes his hammer down, and yet another a second later from the shock-wave, dealing a total of five hits. It is also the slowest class of close-ranged weapon, completely emptying the speed gauge with a single attack.

Weapon ChartEdit

The following table displays the minimum stat values needed for weapon Build Up.
WHp. (Weapon Hit Points) and Abs. (Absorption) are not included, since they are not stats required for weapon Build Up.

Abbreviations used:

At - Attack
Ed - Endurance
Sp - Speed
Mp - Magical Power
Fi - Fire
Ic - Ice
Th - Thunder
Wi - Wind
Ho - Holy
Dr - Anti-Dragon
Un - Anti-Undead
Ma - Anti-Marine
Ro - Anti-Rock
Pl - Anti-Plant
Be - Anti-Beast
Sk - Anti-Sky
Me - Anti-metal
Mi - Anti-mimic
Mg - Anti-Mage
Weapon At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg
Steel Hammer2540200000000001200010100
Frozen Tuna2220401002000000180000000
Big Bucks Hammer403530140000000000000150
Plate Hammer423530140000000000000150
Turtle Shell364045003000000000000180
Trial Hammer2010482500000000200000200
Magical Hammer62344525302015530000500001820
Battle Ax6545450000000001500003030
Gaia Hammer77104825000100000500000200
Last Judgement99454855101010101004500000202520
Satan's Ax12560653055000002002020200205520
Tall Hammer12850558500550020020000003020

Base WeaponEdit

Rank 2 WeaponsEdit

Rank 3 WeaponsEdit

Rank 4 WeaponsEdit

Rank 5 WeaponsEdit

Final WeaponsEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, the class takes the form of a branch of his Wrench route. It operates the same as his other right-hand weapons.

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