Granny Rosa (Rosa)

A woman living in Palm Brinks. She's still got plenty of energy.

— In-game description

Granny Rosa is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2. She's a little deaf, so Max must literally spell out what he wants from her. In this case, "Let's go together." (without the quotation marks). Only then will she hear and join. By day she is in Max's house, and by night is in front of the Town Hall. Granny Rosa is a kindly old woman, who despite her age is eager to help out. It is unclear whether she is Max's real grandmother, or if the name "granny" is simply because of her age and grandmotherly nature. Granny Rosa is an old woman, bent over with age. She wears a dress and bonnet and carries a walking stick.


  • Skill points: 72.
  • Makes cheese : Uses 24 Skill Points. When this skill is used, Granny Rosa will make 1 Cheese that will be added to your inventory.
  • Sells amulets.

Rosa's AmuletsEdit

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