Goro is a character in Dark Cloud. He is a hunter from Matataki Village, and the third member to join the party.

Five years before the story, his father, the legendary hunter Fudoh, disappeared, leaving Goro all alone. Goro blamed the villagers for Fudoh's death since they knew how he died and wouldn't reveal the truth to him. When the Dark Genie destroyed the village, Goro was the only one to survive.

When Toan arrives in Matataki Village, Goro suspects that he is the one who destroyed the village and suddenly attacks him, Toan reveals no harm to him and Goro believes Toan is too weak to destroy the village. To gain his cooperation, Toan must defeat the Killer Snake and retrieve Fudoh's Bone Pendant, revealing the truth about the legendary hunter's death. His Hunter's Earrings also hold the key to communication with Treant.


Goro is a short, overweight young man dressed in a bearskin. He wields large hammers and axes, displaying a surprising strength for his small stature. He is somewhat aggressive, and comes across as morose, mostly due to the disappearance of his father.

Goro's weapons are potentially the most powerful weapons in the game, in terms of raw power, though his lack of speed hinders the overall damage output. His charge attack does offer 3-4 hits, however, and due to the smashing potential of his attacks, he is able to hit pegs to open pathways that others cannot.