Gordon (Gurin)
Gordon (Gurin in the Japanese version) is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2.

His in-game description reads : "A gardener. Knows everything about gardening."

He is the gardener of Max and Gerald's large gardens, and is known for his skill with plants. He needs Holy Water to treat a sick plant before he'll join the Blackstone One, but unfortunately for him, Gerald and Priest Bruno do not get along so he can't get any money for some. Perhaps Max can help.


Gordon seems rather gruff, but friendly and willing to help. The care of his plants comes first.


Gordon is a reasonably old, bald man, but tanned and well muscled. He carries a bag over his shoulder, possibly carrying items for plant care, and is often seen holding a potplant.

Gordon's Worries (Gordon's request)Edit

Gordon loves taking care of plants. He wants to cure his tree with Priest Bruno's Holy Water.

— Notebook's wrintings

Gordon is the first Support Character you'll have to recruit. As the Notebook says, you have to give him a Holy Water. If you already got one, just talk to Gordon and give him the Holy Water. If you do not possess one, head to Palm Brinks' Church to purchase one from Priest Bruno for 40 Gildas.


  • Gives bonus attack against plant monsters
  • Sells georama parts


In order to move into a house, he needs to have a tree near his house. Count on spending 150-200 Gildas.

Gordon's BonsaiEdit

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