Gerald (Zilard in Japanese) is Max's father, he is a rich man that lives in a Manor House in Palm Brinks. He has many servants such as Stewart and Adel, but he is also a support character that can be added to the party for a special bonus.



His in-game description reads : "Max's father. Expert marksman."


Gerald is sometimes selfish or arrogant, but is generally like Max, kind, loving and giving.


When in the party, he'll give the following abilities :

  • Gives 1 extra Synthesis Point (SP) per level-up Max's Guns
  • Gives 1 point to a random elemental stat for Max's Guns per level-up

Gerald's GunsEdit


"More respectable place to live" Will only live in a brick house with iron fences and iron gate surrounding it.

You must build up a Trumpet Gun into a Bell Trigger in order to get him to come along with you.