Georama is a mode of gameplay in Dark Cloud enabling the player to build and restore towns by collecting Atla or Geostones.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud the Georama is played on a limit-system, where only a certain number of houses and items can be built, and people can only be put into select places. It is also not described how Toan actually views the town/city, but it is thought the Atlamillia uses magic to do so.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, the Georama is more free, yet still limited through Polyn, houses and items can be made in an number, and people can be put anywhere. There is a small story on how Max and Monica build as well, they use the Firbit Tribes Carpenterion to build, it takes Geostones, magical items containing the knowledge of the ancients, to know how to build things.

Here's some information about the Georama which will help you understanding how it works precisely.


Before being able to rebuild the destroyed world town by town, you'll need to collect Geostones which are located in Dungeons' floor levels. They're represented by a purple dot in the map. When you've spotted it, approach the Geostone and press the X button to pick it up.

In order to read the Geostones you've collected, exit your current floor level and return to the Georama town. When you can access the Georama menu by pressing the SELECT button, the Carpenterion will read the Geostone(s) you've previously collected and will reveal all the informations that are stored in those stones, giving you Georama conditions or new Georama items to build.


Materials that are stocked in your inventory are used to build things. Most of the materials can be found in Dungeons' chests. When you try to build a Georama item, a window will pop up, showing the required materials in order to build it. If all dots are blue, you can build it. However, if there's a red dot, one or more materials is missing and you must buy it or find it.

The following items and their respective vendors are;

  • Conda sells most materials
  • Morton sells Thick Hide, one of the materials not sold by Conda.
  • Conda and Rufio sell elements such as fire, water, etc.
  • Parn sells every paint available in the game.


Houses are the backbone of the Georama. Without these you are not able to advance in the story. You have to build them, but you also have to tailor them to fit whoever needs to live in. When built, the houses will provide some Culture Points., but since they're somewhat expensive to build, you should build Houses Attachements (see next section) in order to increase your CPs.

As Support Characters have different needs, you have to tailor the houses for each Support Character. Fortunately, some of them don't have any conditions, but unfortunately the others do have. While for a part of them it's just about placement or type of house, the others need a fence, or a lamp, or a tree, or a house that is several stories tall, forcing you to spend Gildas just for fulfilling their conditions.

House AttachmentsEdit

House attachements are all the things that have to be attached to a house. As they're not free-standing objects, they can't be placed on the ground like that. Most of the House Attachments items can be placed on houses' walls, as long as you have enough space on them.

Also, most of the Houses Attachements items will give extra Culture Points (CPs)

House Semi-AttachementsEdit

These are all the item that are indirectly connected to a house. It can consist of fences, mailboxes, stairs, etc. Contrary to the House Attachements, they can sit on the ground like that, without a house nearby, but they're somewhat useless without a house. Most of the items here consist of items for decorating purposes.


It consists of all the items that can be placed on Georama areas without the need to have a house nearby.

Culture Points (CPs)Edit

In Georama, CPs or Culture Points is the data to represent the "level of development" of a said town. It's used to "show" how well a Georama town is developed.

In every Georama town, there are Georama conditions that involve the Culture Points to reach a certain level. They can be tricky to complete, but they're often necessary to entirely complete the Georama of a town. You can see how many CPs you've already earned by opening the Georama menu, and highlighting the "Culture" menu.


A polyn (derived from 'polygon') is the kind of thing that georama items are made of. Bigger items require more polyns and building sites have a maximum number of available polyn you can place in terms of items. Therefore, you can potentially place either a very large amount of very cheap polyn-cost items, or a smaller amount of very pricy ones such as houses. The maximum amount of available polyns differs for each Georama region.