Fudoh is a minor character from Dark Cloud, and was the father of Goro. He hails from Matataki Village were he was known as a great hunter, especially for defeating the White Tiger with one strike with his axe, whose skin he later wore. Despite his strength, Fudoh became very ill, Fudoh didn't want to die from the illness; he wanted to die a hunter. When the Killer Snake suddenly appears in Wise Owl forest, the villagers of Matataki Village were terrified of the beast. Fudoh decided to fight the beast. He headed into the Wise Owl Forest with Pao, Gob and Kyle as his witnesses and faced the Killer Snake.

In his heart Fudoh wanted to die in the battle since his body is fragile from the illness, he failed to kill the Killer Snake and was ultimately killed. The villagers left with sadness in their eyes as they saw Fudoh got killed and report it to the mayor, Treant and the other villagers, they decided to hide the truth from Goro.

Five years later, Toan killed off the Killer Snake, which he found a pendant belonging to Fudoh, Toan decided to give it to Goro which he immediately recognized. Suddenly, Fudoh's spirit appeared in front of Goro. He then explains to his son how he really died and begs his son to join forces with Toan and become a stronger hunter than him. Before he left he told Goro that he'll always be with him.


  • Fudoh used to wear an orange tiger skin before he killed the White Tiger.
  • Ancient Baron told Toan when he was younger he was the strongest hunter in the village and was elected mayor he said that Fudoh might not have even beaten him.

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