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A completed drawing of Flotsam

Flotsam (named Polcurse, or Porcus in the Japanese version) is the ringleader of Flotsam's circus, a three person circus with an army of clowns. His circus stars himself, his pet elephant Linda and the weapons shop owner, Milane. He worked for Emperor Griffon until he nearly died, and then turned to the Dark Genie, who rebuilt him with metal constructed with Zelmite. Flotsam also owns a fancy car called the P-3000, and is a talented inventor, who constructed a machine to help him locate the Red Atlamillia for his troupe, called Halloween. He is known for keeping Dynamite under his clothes for personal reasons.

Personality Edit

Flotsam is a mad ringleader that dresses like a clown. He likes to see others in pain and always sides with the strongest, making him a coward in all possible ways.

He enjoys getting what he wants and when he desires something, he will not stop chasing it until he gets it.

Appearance Edit

Flotsam has red hair and a blue suit with a rose stuffed in the front pocket and a blue top hat. He wears basic clown makeup and has a long mustache.

Weapons Edit

You do not fight Flotsam directly, however, when he decides to get his hands dirty he prefers to use his cane to harm. Throughout the game he uses machines with bombs, blasters and grenades attached. His pride and joy, the Ro-bomb, is owned by Halloween.


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