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A completed drawing of Flotsam

Flotsam (named Polcurse, or Porcus in the Japanese version) is the ringleader of Flotsam's circus, a circus which happenly to be present in Palm Brinks in the start of the Dark Cloud 2 timeline. His circus troupe members include Milane, his pet elephant Linda and an unnamed muscular man. His circus has two motives, to draw attention of Palm Brinks villagers to it and also to search for the Red Altamilla, which he claims he could "smell" the scent of the stone present in Palm Brinks. Flotsam wasn't wrong, as Maximillian wearing it as a family heirloom, happened to be eavesdropping him and Mayor Need and witnessing his double side in the very same room.

This began a series of cat and mouse chases where Flotsam finally located the Red Atlamilla, gave up pretense as a simple ringmaster but instead a henchman of Emperor Griffon. He sends his clown underlings, Linda and finally employs a clownish robot, Halloween to stop Maximillian from leaving Palm Brinks from the Underwater Channel and failing each one.The chase would presumably end with Flotsam bringing out P-3000, piloted by his muscular henchman, with Floatsam riding pillion and operating a machine gun to wreak havoc upon the Blackstone One. It was again defeated by a highly risky yet equally successful ploy by Cedric employing Bombs, with Max lobbing them at the ATV. The explosion propels him upon the roof of a train carriage,an irate Flotsam stripped to reveal the dynamite hidden under his clothes, with intentions to protect himself from further bombs and to blow up the train. Monica finally to reveal herself and ended his career as a not very successful villain.

He also seems to exhibit some magical abilities such as being able to float and reviving the unconscious Linda. If he has abilities for fighting, they weren't shown. It's unknown how he has these abilities, whether it was innate or granted by Griffin.

Flotsam later appears as Metal Flotsam in Zelmite Mines.

Personality Edit

Flotsam is seen outwardly gregarious and charming ringmaster who is proud of his circus while truly inside, he is ruthless, sadistic, self-driven and like of Griffon's henchman like Gaspard and Dr Jamming, armed with nefarious and innovative tools to assist his quest for the Red Altamila. Flotsam, like many villains in Dark Cloud 2 is not above of personally using violence and coercion to work where gentler methods of bribing failed. Max and Mayor Need experienced a completely change in Flotsam's attitude when Mayor Need voices his difficulties after accepting a bribe of chestnuts, withi the angry ringmaster proceeding to beat, choke and step on the mayor until Max accidentally reveals himself.

Appearance Edit

Flotsam has red hair and a blue suit with a rose stuffed in the front pocket and a blue top hat. He wears basic clown makeup and has a long mustache.

Weapons Edit

You do not fight Flotsam directly, however, when he decides to get his hands dirty he prefers to use his cane to harm. Throughout the game he uses machines with bombs, blasters and grenades attached. His pride and joy, the Ro-bomb, is owned by Halloween.