Fli Fli

The Fli Fli is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Wise Owl Forest. It resembles a walking mushroom. The Fli Fli has no variations, making it a unique one-time experience.

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Battle TacticsEdit

The Fli Fli's only real attack is a poisonous vapor cloud that it emits. It can be rather difficult to defeat at close range, since you have the likelihood of getting poisoned, due to the fact that it spews vapor as soon as you get near. It is best to use projectile attacks such as Xiao's slingshot.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud Fli Fli
Habitat Wise Owl Forest
Type Plant
Hit Points 120
Defend No
Weakness None
Drop Poisonous Apple
Steal Antidote Drink
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