Gate Key

Dran's Crest

A Gate key is a type of special item in the Dark Cloud series. It is used to progress to the next floor of a dungeon. Gate keys are always dropped by a random enemy.

A Locked door key, or Floor key, is used to unlock a closed-off section of a dungeon floor.

A Back floor key, is used to gain entry into a Back floor in Dark Cloud.

Dark CloudEdit

Gate keyEdit

Name Description Location
Dran's Crest A crest made by Dran Divine Beast Cave
Pointy Chestnut One of three possible gate keys. Wise Owl Forest
Red Berry One of three possible gate keys. Wise Owl Forest
Shiny Stone One of three possible gate keys. Wise Owl Forest
Hook Shipwreck
King's Slate Sun and Moon Temple
Gunpowder Moon Sea
Clock Hands Gallery of Time
Black Knight Crest Demon Shaft

Locked door keyEdit

Name Description Location
Bone Key Divine Beast Cave
Mustache key Wise Owl Forest
Shipcabin Key Shipwreck
Stone Key Sun and Moon Temple
Handle Moon Sea
Pitchdark Key Gallery of Time
Silver Key Demon Shaft

Back floor keyEdit

Name Description Location
Tram Oil "Necessary for rusty tram to work." Sells for 150 Gilda. Divine Beast Cave
Sun Dew A magical dew that speeds up plant growth, also used once to fertilize the moon grass seed. Sells for 150 Gilda. Wise Owl Forest
Flapping Fish A unique gate key that can be bought from Ruty (for 180 Gilda) but requires ice to keep from rotting. Shipwreck
Secret Path key Sun and Moon Temple
Bravery launch Moon Sea
Flapping Duster This gate key is unavailable in the NSTC and PAL versions of the game, due to a bug. Gallery of Time
Crystal Eye Demon Shaft

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Gate keyEdit

Name Description Location
Key Handle A key handle that opens the exit door. Underground Water Channel
Fairy Saw A magical saw that is used to cut down a tree leading to the exit. Rainbow Butterfly Wood
Giant Meat A giant piece of meat needed to lure the condor into carrying you across the exit. Starlight Canyon
Luna Stone A magical stone which unlocks the door to the floor exit. Ocean's Roar Cave
Magma Rock Mount Gundor
Rope Mount Gundor
Queen's Watering Pot Moon Flower Palace
Trolley Oil Zelmite Mine

Locked door keyEdit

Name Description Location
Channel Key A key which unlocks a door on a Channel's floor. Underground Water Channel
Slash Branch A magical branch which is used to cut down a gigantic spider web blocking further entry into the forest. Rainbow Butterfly Wood
Luna Stone Piece A small piece of a magical stone which can fill in gaps in a dungeon's floor, allowing further access. Ocean's Roar Cave
Stone "T" Mount Gundor
White Wind Vase Mount Gundor
Moon Clock Handle Moon Flower Palace
Rusted Key Zelmite Mine

Items in the Dark Cloud series

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