Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod is an item used to catch fish, while fishing, in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, the Fishing Rod can be obtained from Alnet, in Norune Village, after an event.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, the Fishing Rod can be obtained from one of the Firbits, at Fish Monster Swamp, in exchange for some Grape Juice.


Go to any dungeon floor and find a place for fishing.Equip the Fishing Rod and put the bait you want on it.Press the X button to start fishing.The Square button will reel in quickly and the X button will reel in normally.The O button will paste the camera behind you character and the R2 button will zoom in.

Default StatsEdit

Flight: 12
Strength: 4
Resilience: 6
Grip: 1
Luck: 2

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