Ferdinand (Poke)
Ferdinand is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2 and works as Max's chef.

His in-game description reads : "Max's family cook. Every dish is a winner!"

He is trying to make a dish, Castagnaccio, and needs a chestnut as an alternative ingredient. If Max can bring him a Roasted Chestnut, found as a treasure in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, he will join. He can be found in Max's kitchen.

He must be recruited to advance in the third Chapter of the game.



Ferdinand has a typical chef's appearance and is somewhat fat. His hair is rather elaborately curled.

Castagnaccio (Ferdinand's request)Edit

Castagnaccio, the mystery snack. We know it uses chestnuts, but that's where we're stuck.

— Notebook's writings

In order to recruit Ferdinand, you have to bring him a Roasted Chestnut. You'll usually found it in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood's treasure chests. If not, you can buy the Roasted Chestnut at the Eatery in Jurak Mall.

Once you've got it, head back to Max's kitchen and give him the Roasted Chestnut. He'll then join.


  • Makes Premium Chicken
  • Will sell you recovery items


  • Skill Points : 64
  • Cook : Uses 24 Skill Points. When this skill is used, Ferdinand will give you 1 Premium Chicken.

Ferdinand's TakeoutEdit

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