Fabio (Fravin)
Fabio is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2. He is an accomplished fisher, as many Firbits seem to be. As such, he only has respect for those who can match his prowess in wielding a fishing pole. He can be found by Palm Brinks pond.

His in-game description reads : "A Firbit guy. Loves to fish."


Fabio is a confident, somewhat aloof young man. So sure in his fishing abilities is he that he believes himself to be the best.


Fabio is a young Firbit boy, bearing the distinctive ears. He wears a large cap, and his dark hair obscures his eyes. Perhaps he may be related to Olivie, as both live in Palm Brinks and enjoy fish.


  • Makes fishing bait
  • Will sell you fishing bait


  • Skill Point : 64
  • Makes bait : Uses 18 Skill Points. When this skill is used. Fabio will give you 1 type of Bait (random) by group of 3. It can be 3 Prickly or 3 Evy, 3 Minon etc.

Flavin's BaitshopEdit

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