Erik (Tom)
Erik (Tom in the Japanese version) is a support character in Dark Cloud 2.

His in-game description reads : "Borneo's assistant. He's great with machines."

He appears to be Borneo's assistant and a member of Blackstone One's crew. When the train gets held up, he and Borneo work to clear the way.


Erik is a generally happy young man with a penchant for explosives and machinery... and the ladies. At one point he calls Monica "little girly pie", but this doesn't cause any consternation on her part. Maybe this means he's also successful with them. (Also interesting to note is that in one concept artwork, Borneo is yelling at him beside Blackstone One. Perhaps he has an incompetent streak?)


Erik is a young man with dark skin and red eyes. He wears a headband, goggles on his forehead, a singlet and heavy chain bracelets around his wrists.


  • Make bombs
  • Sells gunpowder


  • Skill Points : 64
  • Makes Bomb : Uses 32 Skill Points. When you use Erik's skill he will make 3 Improved Bomb for you.

Erik's GunpowderEdit


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