The Energy Pack (Urn) is one of the Ridepod's Energy Packs that it can use.

Its in-game description reads : "Energy pack made out of an urn. Don't break it!"

The Energy Pack (Urn) is the next step up after the Cleaner Pack, so it should be made as soon as possible, as usual. It's also the second from the best energy pack available to Steve, providing 240 Energy Points, which is nearly as much as Max and Monica's max health. It'll become make-able when you reach the Chapter 5, when you'll have to put a Generator in Heim Rada (you really can't miss it).

Inventing the Energy Pack (Urn)Edit

You'll need the 3 following ideas :

  • Energy Pipe
  • Generator
  • Pot

In order to make it you'll need :


Capacity required 50
Energy Points 240

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