EnergyPack Energy Pack
Energy Points 80
Capacity Cost 15

Max's first invention. Now the Ridepod is all set!

— In-game description

The Energy Pack is one of the Energy Packs available to Steve. It's the item that determines its "Hit Points".

The Energy Pack is the first Energy Pack you'll obtain for the Ridepod, since the game has you make it from scratch after the first fight against Linda, at the moment of the Photography/Make tutorial in Palm Brinks.

This Energy Pack provdes 80 Energy Points for Steve which is the minimal amount he can have. 80 Energy Points may sound a lot, but they can be lost easily, even in the first chapter where Steve's defence is only slightly better than Max's. It's better to upgrade it as soon as possible as better Energy Points allow you take more damage.

Obtaining the Energy PackEdit

It is automatically given when the player successfully complete the Photography/Make tutorial in Palm Brinks. The required ideas are :

  • Belt - Sheriff Blinkhorn wears one, so head to him and snap a shot of his belt
  • Milk Can - Next to Polly's Bakery
  • Pipe - Can be found on Cedric's roof workshop or on the houses' roof

To make the Energy Pack you'll need :

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