Always be good to yourself, Max. Goodbye, my heart...

— Elena

Elena is a member of the resistance in Monica's time, the future. She was assigned to go back into the past and protect Gerald, who was host to the red Atlamillia, from Emperor Griffon. When she was unable to retrieve the Atla from Gerald and the stone renounced him, she stayed behind to watch over both of them. She eventually fell in love with the man and they had a child, Maximillian, who would be the next chosen one of the Atlamillia. While her son was still very small, she was forced to return to her time and abandon her family.

Elena has reddish brown hair and green-blue eyes. Her outfits are all of light purple, white and tan/yellow/gold. She has clear fair skin and is an average sized woman. While in the past she had short cropped hair, but when back in her time it has grown out past her shoulders.


  • Elena makes famously good potato pies.


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