Dungeons are where the player enters and battles monsters and collects Atla (Dark Cloud) or Geostones (Dark Cloud 2). They are usually next to a town.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, dungeons are found next to each of the towns, and must be cleared in order to progress through the story. Each town has its own dungeon, with unique themes and monsters.


The dungeons and their respective towns are:


Each of the dungeons contain monsters, which range from simple things like Bats to fantasy monsters such as Dragons. Defeating monsters is the only way to get the key to advance to the next floor of a dungeon. Monsters can also carry gold, and various other items depending on the creature. Defeating monsters is also the only way to increase a weapon's ABS.

Treasure ChestsEdit

Treasure chests can be found on every floor, and contain almost all of the items obtainable in the game. There are two types of chest in Dark Cloud.

  • Small Chests contain regular items like consumables (food, water, etc.), usable items (bombs, amulets) and baits. They also contain weapon attachments of all types. Each floor of a dungeon has chests containing a Map and a Magic Crystal.
  • Large Chests contain weapons for each of the different characters. These chests are usually locked, and can be opened by either using a Treasure Chest Key or by guessing the trap. The types of trap are poison, curse or explosion.


The map, which can be found in a treasure chest, shows you the layout of an entire floor.

Magic CrystalEdit

Magic Crystals are also found on each floor in a treasure chest, and show the locations of monsters (Red), chests (Orange) and Atla (Green) on each floor.


Atla are spheres created by the Fairy King that contain objects needed to restore each village. They are the most important object to be found in dungeons, as without them the towns cannot be completed, and in some cases, the story cannot advance unless all of the objects are collected and completed. Only Toan can touch Atla.

Back FloorEdit

The Back Floor, represented by a red ? on the map, is a location on each floor of a dungeon that can only be accessed by using a special item unique to each dungeon. These floors contain monsters under a permanent stamina effect. Additionally, these monsters may appear earlier in a Back Floor than they do on the regular floor. Treasure chests on Back Floors often contain items that are not found as frequently in regular rooms (such as powerup powder), and can also contain gemstones that can be attached to weapons (Diamond, Emerald, etc.).

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, just like in the first game, Dungeons are next to a town and they must be explored in order to advance in the story. Even if at the beginning of the game, you'll just exploring Dungeons floors defeating monsters, the options available in Dungeons will quickly become numerous as you progress in the game.

Here are the most common things you'll encounter while exploring a Dungeon floor:


Dungeons are not safe. They contain monsters that just search any victim to get their hands on. There are numerous types of monsters and most of them have an Elemental or Weapon weakness. However, all of them can be defeated with the Block&Attack tactic, but some tougher monsters, especially armored monsters may require the use of Ridepod.

It should be note that some monster can hide under Dungeons Chests, forcing you to fight them if you open them.


Those items are scattered through each Dungeon floor. You can pick them by Guarding (R1) and while guarding, pressing X, to pick them up. Then, press X again to throw the rock at the direction you were looking at. If a Crate/Rock/Vase hits a monster, it'll inflict about 1/10 of the monster's total health. It'll also stun them briefly, being shown with the stars floating above their head. Crates/Rocks/Vases often contain items such as crystals, all three types of repair powders, bread, antidote drinks, and Ridepod Fuel.

You can also pick up monsters (!) (except Windup monsters) and throw them away or at other monsters by doing the same things.

On a side note, Maximilian is faster at picking things and throwing them away than Monica.


In every Dungeon floor, a Chest always contain a Map. It allows you to see a floor plan of your current level. If Pau is in your party, you'll automatically obtain the full map when entering a Dungeon floor.

Magic CrystalEdit

Like the Map, the Magic Crystal is always found in a Dungeon Chest in every Dungeon floor. This magic item will reveal the location of every Monsters (red dots), Treasure Chests(orange dots), Angel/Devil Coins (yellow dots, if there is any) and Geostone (purple dot), even if you have not acquired the map of your current level yet.

Angel/Devil CoinsEdit

They are found randomly through Dungeons floors. They does not always appear on the other side. Once you've touched them, the time will freeze, completely stopping everything including monsters and the Coin will spin. Press X to stop it, it'll either stop on the Angel or Devil. From this you can have multiple outcomes:

If the Coin lands on...
Angel Devil
ABS Bonus Half of your right-hand weapon's WHP removed
Weapons's WHP fully restored Half of your left-hand weapon's WHP removed
HP fully restored and abnormal status removed Half of your Health removed

Treasure ChestsEdit

They're all scattered through each Dungeon floor. You'll find many items in them : Weapons, Materials, Coins, Crystals, Repair Items... But they may also be empty.

Some of them can be trapped. the possible traps are Poison, Explosion and Weapon Destroying. If you correctly guess the type of trap, it'll be disarmed you'll safely open the Chest. However, if the wrong type is chosen you'll suffer the effect of the trap, but in the same time, the correct trap will be revealed, giving you a second chance to disarm the trap.

Some of them can also be locked. You can unlock them with a Treasure Chest Key or force them and suffer the trap. Locked Treasure Chests typically have better items than regular Chests.

Finally Chests might be Mimics or King Mimics.

Healing Fountain/SpringEdit

Like the Angel/Devil Coin, they may not be always found, although they appear more than Angel/Devil Coins do. They're marked with a pink "?" on the map. Entering a Healing Spring will completely restore your Health and cure all abnormal statuses you may have. They recharge after a period of time.


Some Dungeons floors possess a Geostone with must be collected in order to make new Georama parts, or to reveal Georama Achievements/Sub Conditions.