The Drum Can Body is the body-type that Ridepod starts with.

Its in-game description reads : "Torso part made out of a Drum Can."

Being the first Body-type you'll obtain, it's naturally the weakest Body-type available to Steve. It provides 6 points of Armor, which is only slightly better than Max's defence when you get the Ridepod. It's advised to swap it for a better body-type as soon as you can.

You can also invent it, but it's somewhat useless to invent something you've already got.

Obtaining the Drum Can BodyEdit

  • You'll obtain as soon as you get the possibility to board the Ridepod
  • Invent it

Inventing the Drum Can BodyEdit

You'll need the 3 following ideas :

  • Chair
  • Drum Can
  • Lamp

In order to make it you'll need :


Cost 1 Synthesis Point (SP)
Add +2 Flame


Capacity required 10
Armor 6

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