Dr Dell
Dr. Dell is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2. When Max and Monica come across Argo tending a sick girl named Lin, Max gets the idea of recruiting Dr. Dell to help her out. Unfortunately, her illness is beyond the capabilities of medicine, so Lao Chao's miracle dish must make a substitute. He automatically recruits when Max seeks his aid. In the Japanese version, his nickname is Dr. Duck, and real name is Kingaton.

His in-game description reads : "The great doctor of Palm Brinks. He looks a bit like a duck."


Given that he is a doctor, Dell is willing to help those in need, as evidenced by his traveling to Balance Valley to check over Lin.


Dell, as Max points out to Monica, looks like a large duck. No explanation is given for this, although it may be a play on the colloquial term QUACK, which refers to a doctor. He talks in a regular, human voice.


  • Cures all abnormal status's.
  • Will sell you Mighty Healing.


  • Skill Points : 96
  • Check-up : Uses 32 Skill Points. It cures all abnormal status's

Dell's ClinicEdit

Dialogue GlitchEdit

There is a small error in Dr. Dell's dialogue when Max visits his clinic to recruit him, in which he speaks an incorrect line that he's not supposed to say until later on.

The subtitle reads: "Well alright, let's go.

But Dr. Dell actually says: "Hmm, not good, not good at all. A few more days like this and she's done for."

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