Dark Element

Dark Element is one of the main antagonists in Dark Cloud 2. It is the final boss fight in the main part of the story, and you must defeat it in 5 minutes in order to save the world from the falling moon. It is the embodiment of the Dark Genie's curse that was placed upon Emperor Griffon, and it is so powerful, it gained the title Evil made Flesh.

The Dark Element is not a real creature - it is only real because it was controlling Griffon from his mind. Once the player defeats Griffon, they enter his heart - the lair of the Dark Element. The Dark Element split itself into several creatures - six of them guarded the staircase to the most powerful piece of the Dark Element.

Personality Edit

The Dark Element has no personality, no feelings, but it knows how to alter them. All of the Dark Elements 'Feelings' were portrayed by the controlled Griffon.

Appearance Edit

The Dark Element's true form is a blue ghost with a red orb glowing inside of it. It's face resembled a skull, and it wore a ghostly robe, torn and destroyed. It held a large black twisted-looking staff. The Dark Element, overall, looked truly evil.

Weapons Edit

The Dark Element holds a large staff, using it when you are in close range. Besides its staff,the Dark Element also uses advanced black magic, such as tracking bolts and Power beams. Its attacks are sometimes normal, and sometimes overwhelmingly powerful.

Strategy Edit

In order to defeat the Dark Element, both Max and Monica must have good weapons. This is because the Dark Element will change to red or change to blue many times throughout the fight. When red, only Monica's weapons will do any damage to it, and Max's attacks will have absolutely no effect. When blue, only Max will be able to damage it. When up close to the Dark Element, it will attack with its staff. This will consist of three consecutive attacks. The first two can be blocked without any damage to you, but the third will do 40-60 damage(depending on your defense) even when blocked. The Dark Element will also shoot arrow-like energy at you that will follow you but not for very long. These aren't very powerful and can be blocked without any damage done to you. Its most devastating attack occurs when he disappears from the platform and reappears on the side of it. He will be giant and will unleash a beam that will do about 100 damage blocked, and will most likely kill you instantly unblocked. This can be dodged fairly easily if you just run in one direction when he unleashes it. But if you have enough premium chicken or some other healer, don't risk it and just block the attack. Remember, you have to defeat him in under 5 minutes or its game over. One of the most crucial things you can do is keep both Max and Monica alive. If one dies, you may not have enough time to defeat it. And think of this If you die, you have to defeat Griffon and the five monsters on the Spiral of Dreams all over again.