Curse dancer

The Curse Dancer is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud. It is first encountered in the Gallery of Time. They are agile enemies, but not very strong. One of the attacks of the Curse Dancer is used by the Griffon Soldier in Dark Cloud 2.

For quotes regarding this monster, see Steve's Quotes.


The Curse Dancer has a simple run and jump slash, which can sometimes cause a curse status to the player. As it approaches you in a zombie-like fashion, it will bend backwards, before suddenly snapping forwards with a jump, hoping to hit you in the process. This character is somewhat difficult to kill using Toan, as combos do not interrupt his attacks, and he’ll flip forward in the middle of your combo. Use Ungaga to pick him off from a safe range, and dodge the dancer when it tries to attack.

Enemy DataEdit

Dark Cloud Curse Dancer
Habitat Gallery of Time
Type None
Hit Points 300
Defend Yes
Weakness Holy
Steal Throbbing Cherry
Drops Anti-Curse Amulet


  • In the Dark Shrine, at the beginning of the game, Curse Dancers are seen performing the ritual that releases the Dark Genie.

Monsters in Dark Cloud

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