Corrine (Colin)
Corrine (Colin in the Japanese version) is a recruitable character from Dark Cloud 2.

Her in-game description reads : "A girl living in Palm Brinks."

She is very lucky, and likes to play hide and seek. If Max can be the first person to beat her at this game, she'll join up with him. She can initially be found in Morton's house, suggesting that she is his daughter. If this is so, it would make her Donny's sister.


Corinne is a happy little kid who likes to play, especially hide and seek. She is also very lucky, and this reflects in her personality. She has never seen a losing lottery ticket.


Corrine is a young girl with short length brown hair, yellow sweater, navi blue skirt and brown shoes. Her attire is very similar to that of a school girl.


  • Always get an angel with coins
  • Will sell you hair ornaments for Monica

Corinne's HairpinsEdit

  • Yellow Ribbon : 200 Gildas
  • Striped Ribbon : 220 Gildas
  • Zipangu Comb : 350 Gildas
  • Swallowtail : 240 Gildas


Corinne can be found in Palm Brinks. She appears on the second floor of the house with pumpkins out front. She'll ask to play hide and seek before joining you. Her first hiding spot will be the second floor of Claire's house( the house next to Max's). Her final hiding spot will be in Max's bedroom.

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