The Club is a Card-type monster in the Dark Cloud series.

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Dark CloudEdit


Enemy DataEdit

Dark Cloud Club Club
Habitat Gallery of Time Demon Shaft Ice Zone
Type None None
Hit Points 525 2525
ABS 6 20
Defend Yes Yes
Weakness Fire Fire
Drops Anti-Goo Amulet Anti-Goo Amulet
Steal Anti-Goo Amulet Premium Water

Dark Cloud 2Edit


In Dark Cloud 2, the Club and its variations wields a club shaped like its clover symbol. Guarding will reduce damage, but not by much, as the card can go around your defenses. It has no other attacks but a single club-swing.

Enemy DataEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Club S. Club R. Club RSF Club
Habitat Moon Flower Palace Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Card Card Card Card
Hit Points 833 1100 4200 10800
Attack/Defense 94/60 112/65 137/95 177/120
ABS/Gilda 166/68 190/102 240/99 500/100
Weakness Flame (300%) Flame (300%) None Flame (300%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Prickly None None None


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