Claire (Crea)

The girl that lives next to Max. And she's quite the looker.

— In-game description

Claire is one of the side characters that can be added to the party. She is Max's neighbour, daughter of Mayor Need, and can be found in her room or at the coffee shop. To recruit her, it is necessary to show her a photo of a rare plant, namely the Lafrescia in bloom. A photo of a Himarra can also work to recruit her. Her father is Mayor Need. Claire seems to be a somewhat quiet girl, and at least friends with Max. She has an interest in plants, which is the key to getting her to join. Claire is a teenage girl, probably around the same age as Max. She has blond hair that falls past her shoulders in curls and wears a blue shirt laced up at the front.


  • Adds 2 to the enemies' rage chip, meaning they can take two more hits before raging and becoming more powerful.
  • Will sell you Gift Capsules

Claire's Place!Edit