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Chronicle 2

The Chronicle 2 is Toan's strongest weapon in Dark Cloud. It can only be obtained by completing the Demon Shaft and defeating Black Knight Pendragon. It's also one of Monica's ultimates swords in Dark Cloud 2.

Dark CloudEdit

Chronicle 2
Basic Statistics Elemental Statistics Anti-Monster Statistics
Attack 199 Fire 50 Dragon 50 Beast 50
Endurance 99 Ice 50 Undead 50 Sky 50
Speed 89 Thunder 50 Marine 50 Metal 50
Magic 110 Wind 50 Rock 50 Mimic 50
Holy 50 Plant 50 Mage 0


Unlike in Dark Cloud 2, the Chronicle 2 cannot be built up from another sword, nor can it be obtained from a treasure chest. Instead it is obtained only by completing the Demon Shaft and defeating the Black Knight Pendragon on the 100th floor. The Chronicle 2 can also not be built up to another weapon, as it is an ultimate weapon. It can, however, be improved by the addition of attachments. The maximum stats of the Chronicle 2 are:

  • Basic:
    • At:350
    • Ed:99
    • Sp:99
    • Mp:200
  • Elemental:
    • All: 99
  • Anti-bases:
    • All: 99

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Chronicle 2 is one of Monica's swords in Dark Cloud 2. This sword is only built up from the Chronicle Sword and it comes with "Stop" and "Critical". It's also one of her ultimates swords.

Its in-game description reads "Manipulates time. Surpasses even the Chronicle Sword."

The Chronicle 2, like its name says, is a "upgraded" version of the Chronicle Sword. But it is much more powerful. And as a ultimate weapon, so its stats are much higher than the Chronicle Sword's and it keeps the Chronicle Sword's fast 5-hit combo, which means that Monica will hit monsters very hard but also very quickly. You should be able to kill enemies without any injuries.

You will obtain this weapon most of the time with the build up system, and it can't be invented or bought in any weapons shops.

The Chronicle 2 is a high-tier weapon (Tier 8) : it'll gain 6 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.


The Chronicle 2 is built up from the Chronicle Sword in Dark Cloud 2. The Chronicle 2 is an ultimate weapon so it cannot be built up into another weapon.


In the original Dark Cloud, the Chronicle 2 was obtained, as mentioned earlier, from the Demon Shaft. The Chronicle Sword, on the other hand, was built up through a series of swords. The two Chronicles are completely unrelated, and the Chronicle Sword cannot be built up to the Chronicle 2.

However, things change from Dark Cloud to Dark Cloud 2, where things are just opposite. Instead, the Chronicle 2 is the build-up from the Chronicle Sword.


Starting statsEdit

Weapon Hit Points 92 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 150 Durability 85
Flame 0 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 0
Smash 150 Exorcism 150
Beast 150 Scale 150

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 300 Durability 99
Flame 220 Chill 200
Lightning 200 Cyclone 200
Smash 200 Exorcism 250
Beast 200 Scale 200

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