The Choora is one of Monica's swords in Dark Cloud 2. This sword is only built from the Chopper and it hasn't any special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Short sword with a beautifully-patterned blade."

As a short sword, it has the 6-hit combo and good Cyclone and Beast stats, so it's useful against animals.

You can find the Choora in dungeons' chests, it cannot be invented but you'll be able to buy it at G-Weapons in the Gundorada Workshop when the shop itself is restored in the Chapter 5.

It's a medium-tier weapon (Tier 5) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

Build upEdit

The Choora can be built up into the Small Sword <3


Starting stats (When bought or found)Edit

Weapon Hit Points 68 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 55 Durable 46
Flame 0 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 55
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 55 Scale 45

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 111 Durable 72
Flame 110 Chill 110
Lightning 110 Cyclone 110
Smash 110 Exorcism 110
Beast 110 Scale 110
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