-"All this may have been a long, long dream, shown to us humans by the ancients to warn us."-

Cedric (Starble in the Japanese version) is a major character from the game Dark Cloud 2.

His in-game description reads : "The repairman. Fixing weapons and robot parts are his speciality."

He runs a maintenance shop in the town of Palm Brinks with the help of Maximillian. Cedric enjoys building things, like Max. Cedric loves to get his hands dirty - in oil, of course. He works occasionally on the Blackstone Railroad, and is currently trying to rebuild it. Cedric has many friends, including Erik, Borneo and Mayor Need. He is voiced by Paul Eiding.


Cedric flames with personality. He is kind, and honest. He is very convincing and supportive, especially when it comes to Max and acts almost as a second father to him. Cedric is in fact, probably the most interesting character in Dark Cloud 2.


Cedric is a tall man with short grey hair. He has an interesting moustache and goatee, and has tiny glasses. He wears an oily shirt with broken overalls, and has seamed shoes. He normally wears a red construction cap and Garden Gloves. Cedric also has a pouch attached to his overalls where he stores his tools.


When in the party, he will give the following bonuses :

  • Gives 1 extra Synthesis Point (SP) per levels-up for Max's right-hand weapons (Wrenches, Hammers and Spheda clubs).
  • Gives 1 random elemental stat for Max's right-hand weapons per level-up


  • Skill Points : 64
  • Repair Weapons : Use 12 Skill Points
  • Repair Arms : Use 18 Skill Points
  • Refuel : Use 64 Skill Points

You'll also able to buy Ridepod parts from him. Remember that you spend EXP instead of Gildas. EXP is earned by defeating enemies with any character and collecting the ABS with the Ridepod in dungeons. Note that if you defeat an enemy with the "ABS Up' ability on one of your weapons, the Ridepod will absorb the bonus procured by the ability.

Cedric's PartsEdit

Note *: Each time you buy a Core or a Shield Kit, Cedric will have a new Core or Shield Kit for you to buy, which will be more expensive in EXP. Each new Core will add some points of capacity (+30 for the first 2 upgrades, +40 for the 3 next upgrades and then +60 for the last upgrade) and will increase the Core's max defence by 12 points. And for each Shield Kit bought, they'll add 4 Defence Points to the Core's defence when used.

  • The cost in EXP for the Cores goes like this : 900, 1400, 2000, 3500, 5000 and 6500.
  • The cost in EXP for the Shield Kits goes like this : 600, 660, 726, 798, 878, 966, 1062, 1169, 1286, 1414, 1556, 1711, 1883, 2071, 2278, 2506, 2756, 3032, 3335, 3669 and 4036.


Cedric does not have any needs in order to move into a house, so you're free to place him wherever you want.


Cedric only uses a single weapon throughout the game - The half-finished Ridepod that he later gives to Max. During the P-3000 boss fight, however, he does create bombs and give them to Max but these could just as easily have been made by Erik.