Borneo is one of the side-characters that can be added to the party.

His in-game description reads : "Head of construction. Takes care of Palm Brinks, single-handedly."

He is friend to Cedric, Max and Erik and is adept at fixing things with his enormous hammer and craftsmanship skills. His muscle also helps get rid of road-blocks, or track-blocks, that get in the way of the adventure.

Personality Edit

Borneo is very friendly. He loves doing his job and helping people.

Appearance Edit

He seems to like the look of a pirate as he wears a Bandanna and has a full grown beard and mustache, and he also has stitches on various parts of his body. He is very macho and wields a giant hammer with 1 hand and has a heart shaped tattoo with an arrow through it on his right arm.


Like Cedric, Borneo does not have any needs in order to move into houses, so you're free to place him anywhere.


  • Boosts Item Acquisition when you defeat a monster
  • Ore Sales

Borneo's Fine OreEdit