Big Bucks Hammer

Odd hammer that makes the user rich.

— In-game description

The Big Bucks Hammer is one of Goro's hammers in dark cloud, and is one of Max's hammers in Dark Cloud 2. This weapon is purchasable from Jack's weapon shop in Queens. You can also receive it for free if you get Ruby as an ally before completing Jack's shop. Can be found in the large chests and is given randomly by the clown in the large chests as well.

In Dark Cloud 2 this weapons is either built up from the Kubera's Hand or from the Frozen Tuna and it'll come with the "Wealth" ability, which will increase the Gilda dropped by enemies when defeated. You can find the Big Bucks Hammer in dungeons' chests, it cannot be invented or bought.

This hammer is a medium-tier weapon (Tier 6) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 40 150 Durable ? 99
Flame 0 125 Chill 0 130
Lightning 0 125 Cyclone 0 125
Smash 41 150 Exorcism 41 150
Beast 41 150 Scale 41 150

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