Big wrench. Looks painful.

— In-game description
Battle Wrench

The Battle Wrench is Max's starting melee weapon in Dark Cloud 2. It's basically the wrench that Max uses for repairing things in Cedric's Shop, but more suited for fighting in Dungeons. It's just a normal wrench with no notables changes and it has no special abilities. It has a WHP of 36.

The Battle Wrench is one of the weakest melee weapons in the entire game (Tier 1 and excluding the Handy Stick) it's only useful for the beginning of the game. It'll gain 3 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up.

It's a 5-hit combo, and it's speed will sometimes not let enough time to the enemy to react. The wrenches that Max uses in fight are better for taking down armored enemies than the swords that Monica uses.

Like all melee weapons for Max and Monica, you can also charge it : hold the X button, and Max will begin to prepare himself, and will shine quickly to tell you that you can release the X button in order to release the 'Charge attack' : Max will quickly spin like a cyclone, knocking back any monsters next to him, causing damage in the area around him. During his spin, Max is invulnerable and cannot be hit by any enemies.  Please note that Max's Charge attack as well as any well timed regular attack will also reflect most projectiles back at the enemy.


Stats and Build-Up Requirements
Att Dur Flm Chl Ltn Cyc Smh Exo Bst Scl
Min. 8 10 2 0 0 0 5 0 0 0
Build Up: Drill Wrench 15 9 5
Build Up: True Battle Wrench 13
Max. 20 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19