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The Baron Garayan is perhaps the rarest and most difficult fish to catch in both Dark Cloud games. However, it provides many fishing points when caught.
Baron Garayan TDS Raikou

Baron Garayan as seen in Dark Cloud

Dark CloudEdit

Baron Garayan are freshwater fish that can only be caught in Muska Lacka Oasis and Matataki waterfall, they ARE the biggest fish and provide the most points per cm. when caught.

points per cm. (rounded) 4.25
minimum size small
maximum size GIGANTIC(!!!!!!!!!!)
bait accepted potato cakes

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The legendary fish also makes an appearance in the second game, and is much more difficult to catch this time around. It appears in Heim Rada spring, and basically only between 4-9pm. To further complicate things, it can only be caught with a fork lure, which requires roughly three movements of left to right before being reeled in for less than a second. It is by far the most annoying and time consuming fish to catch, but the most worth it.

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