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Baron Garayan TDS Raikou

Baron Garayan as seen in Dark Cloud

The Baron Garayan is perhaps the rarest and most difficult fish to catch in both Dark Cloud games. However, it provides many fishing points when caught.

Dark CloudEdit

Baron Garayan are freshwater fish that can only be caught in Muska Lacka Oasis and Matataki waterfall. They are the biggest fish and provide the most points per cm. when caught.

Points per cm. (rounded) 4.25
Minimum size Small
Maximum size GIGANTIC(!!!!!!!!!!)
Bait accepted Potato Cake

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Baron Garayan also makes an appearance in Dark Cloud 2. These legendary fish can be caught in Heim Rada's hotsprings between 4 PM and 9 PM. They can only be caught using a Fork Lure. Baron Garayan are one of the heaviest fish that can be caught.

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