Bait is a type of item used to catch Fish, when Fishing in the Dark Cloud series. It can be obtained from Treasure chests, dropped or stolen from monsters, picked up from broken rocks or crates and bought in some stores. Fabio from Dark Cloud 2 is also capable of making a limited amount of Bait for free. Bait itself is also used to feed fish and raise their stats, change their gender and have them gain weight.

Bait is different from Lures, another type of item which can be used to catch fish.

List of BaitEdit

Item Description Shop Notes
Battan Fishing bait. Tenacity +1.
Gacious (Steal).
Bomb Nuts Explodes and causes great damage when thrown. Lana (DC)
Carrot Give it as food to change between male and female. Boost +1.
Umadakara (Starlight Canyon).
Haley Holey (Steal).
Gooey Peach Makes the enemy gooey when thrown. Lana (DC)
Evy Fishing bait. Favored by sea-dwelling fish. Ruty (DC) Stamina +1
Heart-Throb Cherry Play tag to stop the enemy. Use from menu to cure stop. Lana (DC)
Mellow Banana Mushy banana that restores health but creates thirst! Lana (DC)
Mimi Fishing bait. Wriggly and squirmy. Hard to grab. Mr. Mustache (DC) Endurance +1
Minon Fishing bait. Boost +1.
Earth Digger (Steal).
Petite Fish Fishing bait. Tiny sea fish. Kind of cute, actually. Ruty (DC) Endurance +1
Poison Apple Poison apple. Poisons the enemy when thrown. Lana (DC) King Mardan (Fish Monster Swamp).
Mardan Garayan (Fish Monster Swamp).
Potato Cake Small round cake made from potato. Good for dieting. Brooke (DC) Stamina +1.
Moon Digger (Steal).
Prickly Fishing bait. Covered with spines. Don't get pricked! Mr. Mustache (DC) Tenacity +1
Stone Berry Petrifies the enemy when thrown.

Items in the Dark Cloud series

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