A Back Floor is a special location found on some dungeon floors in Dark Cloud. They contain powerful enemies and valuable loot. Back Floors can only be accessed by using a special item unique to each dungeon.

Required itemsEdit

The dungeons and their corresponding items are as follows:


Monsters are significantly stronger in Back Floor areas, compared to their normal dungeon counterparts. They have a permanent stamina buff that doubles their health and strength. Back Floor Treasure chests often contain rare and valuable items, and are the only dungeon chests that are able to contain Gemstones.

Once the required item has been used to gain access to a Back Floor, the player can re-enter the area indefinitely during that particular dungeon session. Monsters will always respawn after exiting and re-entering a Back Floor area (treasure chests will not, though). This can be used to farm ABS or certain monster drops on both sides of the dungeon.


  • The Back Floor in Territory 10 of Wise Owl Forest is easily one of the best places to level up during the early part of the game. The only enemy encountered is the Werewolf. These enemies are easy to defeat, but they will do around 100 HP damage per hit, if caught by their attack.

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