Aunt Polly (Polly)
Aunt Polly is a recruitable character from Dark Cloud 2.

Her in-game description reads : "Proprietress of of Polly's Bakery.

She runs the Palm Brinks' bakery. To get her to join, Max must run a delivery of 20 Crunchy Bread to Morton's for a fondue party. But, according to Ferdinand, the cheese isn't right and so the party is canceled. Rather than waste the bread, Polly gives it to Max and joins. She can be found in the bakery opposite Cedric's store.


Polly is something of a domineering presence, and rather loud. Whether or not she's Max's aunt is unclear, but the name may be due to her somewhat motherly personality.


Polly wears an apron depicting bread and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Her brown hair is braided on either side.

Polly's Maid (Polly's request)Edit

In order to recruit Polly, you must to several easy tasks for her :

  • She'll give you 20 Crunchy Bread to deliver to Morton, while she prepares herself for the trip.
  • Head to Morton's Sundries and speak to Morton : he needs those loaves for a cheese fondue party. Instead of delivering the bread here, he asks Max to deliver it to his house, which is recognizable with its pumpkin field nearby. So head to his house and try to enter in. There'll be a note from Ferdinand saying that the party is cancelled because the cheese is not thick enough.
  • Head back to Morton's Sundries to tell Morton about Ferdinand's note. He'll ask you to bring the loaves back to Polly.
  • Return to Polly's bakery and talk to her. As a sign of gratitude, she insists that you keep the Crunchy Breads as she joins your party.


  • Makes bread
  • Will sell you ingredients


  • Skill Points : 64
  • Make bread : This skill uses 12 Skill Points. When you use this skill, you'll obtain 1 Bread from Polly.

Polly's BakeryEdit

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