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Atlamillia Sword

Dark CloudEdit

The Atlamillia Sword is one of Toan's final-level weapons. It can be built up from the 7 Branch SwordAga's SwordLamb's Sword or Maneater, and can be built up to the Chronicle Sword.

Minimum statsEdit

Atlamillia Sword
Basic Statistics Elemental Statistics Anti-Monster Statistics
Attack 70 Fire 25 Dragon 30 Beast 10
Endurance 80 Ice 40 Undead 20 Sky 10
Speed 80 Thunder 25 Marine 10 Metal 30
Magic 60 Wind 40 Rock 20 Mimic 40
Holy 20 Plant 10 Mage 20

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Atlamillia Sword is one of Monica Raybrandt's swords in Dark Cloud 2. This sword is either built up from the Big Bang or the Shining Bravado and doesn't come with any special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Sword with the power of an Atlamillia."

The Atlamillia Sword is one of Monica's ultimate swords. Its stats are very high, but unfortunately it only has a 4-hit combo. Its elemental stats aren't very balanced, either, but this sword is very effective against plants or chill-based enemies because of its high Flame stat. It's a good sword to possess, but the Island King is far better as a 4-hit combo sword.

Most of the time, you'll obtain this sword with the build up system. It cannot be bought or invented.

The Atlamillia Sword is a high-tier weapon (Tier 8), meaning it'll gain 6 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

Starting statsEdit

Weapon Hit Points 92 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 149 Durable 85
Flame 150 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 0
Smash 0 Exorcism 100
Beast 150 Scale 150

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 300 Durable 99
Flame 220 Chill 200
Lightning 200 Cyclone 200
Smash 200 Exorcism 200
Beast 220 Scale 220

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