Angel Shooter

The Angel Shooter

The Angel Shooter is a weapon found in both Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2, however it is very different in each game.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, the Angel Shooter is one of Xiao's slingshots. It can be built up to Angel Gear.

It is a Tier 6 weapon, and has the "Heal" ability.

Its description reads "A slingshot used by angels. It is cute but powerful."

Dark Cloud weapon stats and build-up information
Min. WHp At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho
99 60 65 50 20 40 0 40 0
Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg
25 40 20 20 20 0 0 0 50 0
Max. WHp At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho
Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, the Angel Shooter is one of Monica Raybrandt's armbands. This armband is either built up from the Sun Armlet or from the Goddess Brassard, and it hasn't any special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Armband often worn by clergymen."

As a penultimate weapon it has high starting stats and its Attack stats will go up faster than normally, it can defeat enemies who are weak against magic in no time due to its high stats, but if Monica charges her magic projectiles before releasing them, they'll be even more powerful. Just do this when the enemy is far from you, for example and you should be fine.

You can perhaps find the Angel Shooter in dungeons' chests, howewer it can't be invented or bought in weapons shops.

The Angel Shooter is a high-tier weapon (Tier 8) : it'll gain 6 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

Build upEdit

The Angel Shooter can only be built up into the Love when it reaches the following stats : 135 in Smash, Exorcism, Beast and Scale. You must also defeat at least one of a S. Heart, a Miss Gourgon and a Silver Gear.


Starting statsEdit

Weapon Hit Points 92 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 150 Durable 80
Flame 0 Chill 150
Lightning 0 Cyclone 170
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 150 Scale 0

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 300 Durable 99
Flame 200 Chill 220
Lightning 200 Cyclone 150
Smash 200 Exorcism 200
Beast 200 Scale 200

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