Alnet is a villager of Norune Village in Dark Cloud. She lives with her younger brother Carl, and surprisingly her parents aren't present. Her uncle is Pike, Paige's father. Being fond of fishing, he gave Alnet a Fishing Rod. However she doesn't like fishing, but she'll give it to Toan if he can fix her house. She can't stand the muscly Macho brothers, so she'd appreciate her house being placed away from theirs. She is also a great cook, and Claude enjoys the smell of her cooking. She can also be seen dancing in the opening at Norune's festival.

Alnet's House georamaEdit

  • Cabin: Storage space
  • Lamp: Essential light to pass the night
  • Stairway: Needed to climb to higher floors
  • Llama: Alnet's llama. Important livestock
  • Alnet: Big sister. A great chef and dancer.
  • Carl: Alnet's baby brother

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