Alexandra was the queen of an unnamed kingdom whose royal residence was known as the Moon Flower Palace. Alexandra adored flowers and kept and personally tended to an array of gorgeous flowers. One day a moon person snuck into the royal garden to admire the flowers. He was brought by a palace guard to Alexandra. The guard accused the moon person of having been trying to steal. The moon person claimed he simply loved flowers. Much to his and the guard's shock, the queen believed the moon person without protesting. Alexandra asked him his name and where he lived. He was baffled. He had no name nor home.

Thus, Alexandra named him Sirus and decided that he would live in the palace with her and tend to the flowers as caretaker. They lived happily, Sirus in bliss, and Alexandra in grace and wisdom. Soon, though, the enemies of Alexandra's kingdom began to attack in earnest. It came to the point where Alexandra's kingdom was retreating. Alexandra either had to leave her kingdom and live or stay and die. Alexandra chose to stay with her kingdom and fall with it, even though Sirus begged her to leave with him.

Upon Alexandra's death, Sirus became bitter and enraged, and soon waged war against the very existence of mankind, endeavoring to erase history. Out of fear, the humans of the future gave him the name Emperor Griffon.


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